Stockingford Maintained Nursery School

Welcome to our Nursery School!


A very warm welcome to our Nursery School! There has been a Nursery School onsite in Stockingford since the 1940's and many of our parents (and grandparents!) have fond memories of their own time here. We are a maintained school and are led by a Headteacher, with qualified teachers and practitioners supporting and extending learning. 

We pride ourselves on offering a welcoming, safe and stimulating environment, with high quality teaching and learning experiences for children aged  2-4 years old. We recognise that children's foundations for learning are embedded in their early years experiences and we work in close partnership with home to support learning and development together. 


You are very welcome to come and look round our Nursery School - please telephone or come to Reception to make an appointment. We look forward to meeting you! 

Term ends Friday 17th July and starts Wednesday 2nd September (please see induction sheet). 

If you wish to make contact, or have any safeguarding concerns,

please email:       

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