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What Barnardo's offer...

Nurseries and Early Years

Our services support parents to access childcare, school and early year's facilities, including Sure Start and Ofsted Inspected Children's Centres.

Children's Centres

Our Children Centres provide statutory services (they are Sure Start and Ofsted inspected) that includes health, social care and early education. The overall aim is to improve social development for children and families so that they can meet their full potential at home and at school.


We also provide of nursery, day care, crèche and play groups for children aged between 3 months and 5 years. These services are Ofsted registered and our development activities are based upon the Early Years Foundation Stage. 

Play Services

Our services aim to improve the social skills, self-esteem and confidence of children the will lead to improve their independent living skills.

Activities include after school clubs, stay and play groups, school holiday play and leisure opportunities.

Education Alternative Provision

We also provide services to residential, day schools and community schools such as after school sessions aimed at improving overall attendance; encouraging involvement in education and community life. We support those at risk of social exclusion and young mothers completing their statutory education.


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